One can only expect to be impacted greatly while living with a living legend. This was the life-altering event that changed Larry Clark, grandson of the late Gospel pioneer, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Throughout her life, Dr. Clark provoked change in the lives of people across the globe; this wasn't any different for her eldest grandson, Larry Clark, who came to live with her in the early nineties. Although her health began to fail, it was the no-nonsense example that he saw in Dr. Mattie Moss Clark that inspired him to live according to scripture and follow her foot steps in music ministry. Larry is the son of Denise Clark, a founding member of The Clark Sisters, whose work includes, "Is My Living in Vain", "My Mind Is Made Up", and "You Brought The Sunshine", which was nominated for a Grammy in 1986. In Larry's quest to know the will of God or his life, he found himself homeless for six months. In that time, the communion with God became clear, which prompted the uniting of The Clark Brothers. In August 2000, the debut release of The Clark Brothers' album "We Need Your Love" was Larry Clark's first release as a singer, songwriter, and producer. 

In 2011, production for Larry's solo debut is coming to it's completion. This project is entitled "Emerge"; a statement to every person that feels oppressed and overwhelmed when facing great opposition! This body of work includes a wide range of genres; traditional, hip hop, acoustic soul, pop ballad and a duet with none other than Twinkie Clark. "Soon and Very Soon" was written and performed by Pastor Andre Crouch; it was rearragned Larry Clark and performed by Twinkie Clark and Larry Clark for this release. Larry's desire is for every listener to experience the Spirit of God .


  • "We Need Your Love" by The Clark Brothers August 2000

  • "Washed In His Blood" by Fisher Of Men (released briefly in 2002)

  • "With Humility" Twinkie Clark 4/2011 Producer, Writer & Featured Artist.

  • "Emerge" Larry Clark 9/2011  Producer, Writer and Performer.


  • Bobby Jones Gospel with Twinkie Clark

  • Fox 2 News Detroit 

  • COGIC National Conventions

  • Help The Children Tour

  • "Awesome God" 2011 Music Video