The name Larry Clark Gospel actually originated from the ever so popular "search engines" on the Internet. Larry Clark, the founder and President of LCG was given a vision but with such a common name, he felt the need to separate himself from the others with the same name on the Internet (especially those other genres of music). LCG was formed in February 2007 with hopes of using the Internet via MySpace, to gain exposure for the music ministry that God had entrusted to Larry.

In 2009, LCG moved to with videos spanning the 20 year career of his music ministry which contains footage of him as a child with The Clark Brothers, Fisher Of Men (his youth ensemble) and his world renown aunt Evangelist Twinkie Clark. (Also, there is footage of his grandmother Dr. Mattie Moss Clark).

LCG began with a staff of four people. Things began to take off when LCG teamed up with to do various media work. Meanwhile, Larry Clark was in the process of recording his first solo debut CD. With no record companies showing interest in the music, production stalled mid way in the completion of the recording.  

In the summer of 2009, Twinkie Clark asked Larry to record some instrumentals of old songs for her to use when out on the road. Right when the planning for those tracks begun, a few industry notables contacted Twinkie with recording offers. Twinkie then asked her nephew to take the studio time set aside for those tracks and use it to record new songs for submission to these industry executives. Still no interest in Larry's work. Larry continued to produce demos in faith that something would break. With half of a CD's worth of songs recorded, still no deal. 

Finally, Larry stepped out with credit cards maxed out and every resource leaned upon and recorded an entire project. With no pending offers, Jason Kuehn of Blend Studios believed in the vision and teamed up with LCG to complete the project. On February 15, 2011, Larry Clark Gospel LLC signed a distribution deal that will place that very recording in stores throughout the United States and Canada. God the Father opened doors and rewarded the faith of everyone in the LCG Ministry. 

April 5, 2011, the national release of Twinkie Clark's "With Humility" project. Produced by Larry Clark Gospel.